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There are some pretty weird things that happen all around the world, some which even might seem completely incomprehensible occurrences, so much so that they seem to have been taken from some science fiction story.

This is the story of Clairvius Narcisse, born and brought up in Haiti, since 1922. He is an ordinary man, so why the need to remember him all of a sudden?? Well, Clairvius has had one of the most strange experiences that any man can have. Clairvius was declared dead, but quite oddly, he regained his senses and came up from his grave and found his home after 18 years. What’s even stranger than all of this is that all the time in 18 years, Clairvius was in a zombie form!!


The story goes that in the year of 1962, Clairvius went to a doctor to get a checkup done. It was a condition which was not known to the doctors, something which Clairvius himself described as having bugs running around over his skin, along with feeling feverish. His condition deteriorated and within a few hours, the doctors declared him dead and his sister signed his death certificate.

He was buried, but as he now tells, that he could listen to everything, the sound of the casket closing, his sister weeping, and everything else. After he was a buried, a voodoo priest came and took him out of his grave and took him away.

The next part of his life as spent in a sugar plantation where he was given some sort of concoction each and every day, which made him groggy and unable to regain his memory. After two years of hardships, the owner of the plantation died and he was able to gain his freedom. He went back to his town, but learning that he was poisoned by his brother, he fled again, only to return with the death of his brother.

When he did return, all the people around did confirm that this was the same Clairvius who used to roam around 18 years ago, until he was declared dead.


Doctors are of the opinion that he was administered with a toxin which contained the poison of the puffer fish, a toad and some poisonous plants, all of which helped to induce him onto a state of coma. Doctors concluded that he was dead, and the voodoo priest gave him something which helped to keep his memory at bay.

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