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What keeps the light burning? The world’s five longest glowing light bulbs

Light bulbs are not a new thing for sure but information about the longest glowing light bulbs is definitely something to look out for. These bulbs are not LED which can last for a considerable time but they are in fact incandescent lights that last not for days but for some years at a stretch. These light bulbs are worth the media attention they gathered. Therefore let us discuss about the five longest glowing light bulbs without any further ado.

Longest glowing light bulbs


  • Centennial light at 4550 East Avenue Livermore in CA is the first longest glowing light bulb. This particular light bulb is managed by Livermore fire department and as per the fire department this centennial light bulb is no less than 111 years old. It has to be noted that is has been glowing for that amount of time and has been turned off only a few times. Guinness book of world records plus Ripley’s believe it or not have noticed this glowing light bulb.
  • The second long lasting light bulb in located in Forts Worth in Texas. Eternal light is the title given to this bulb and it has been mentioned as the most long lasting bulb in the 1970 edition of the Guinness book of world records.
  • The third long lasting bulb was placed above the door of Gasnick supply in New York City. Jack Gasnick who happens to be the owner of the shop told that this light bulb was installed in the year 1912. The owner of the show tried more than once to discredit the long lasting bulb of Livermore but nothing came of it.
  • The fourth long lasting bulb is situated in Magnum in Oklahoma. This bulb can be spotted in a fire house in Magnum and the thing to note there is that this bulb is not connected to any sort of electric supply so when there is no power there is no light from the bulb.
  • The fifth long lasting light bulb is placed in the bathroom of Martin & Newby Electrical shop which is located in England. As per the design and the looks of the light bulb it was thought to be made some time around the 1930s and it faded in the year 2001.

These were the five long lasting light bulbs that grabbed a lot of attention from the media.

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