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The Wackiest Haircuts for Halloween

Comes Halloween and it is celebration time, fun time. Its that time of the year, when the mood is happy all around. It’s one community festival, where it is all about giving. The integral part, is the hair style. You can experiment as much as you like and this is one time of the year when the wackiest and wildest of hairstyles will be much appreciated by your friends and acquaintance.

The options are just endless when it comes to hair color, hair cuts and hair styles during Halloween. So it is the time of the year to bring out your creative self and get as experimental as possible. A wild and whacky hairdo can make you the life of Halloween Party. Doing a Faux Mohwak, Hair colored in multiple bright colors in a pattern wild braids with colorful beads, the classic pumpkin cut are some of the wildest styles one can think of at a Halloween party. Well a braid and colored hair is not something really out of the box or unusual. ‘Faux Mohwak’ certainly is.  How do we make a Faux Mohwak? Well, the instructions are here:


In the first place, get the accessories required for this hair-style handy. You will need a hair brush, comb, hair spray, hair spray color (optional), styling gel, bobby pins, hair bands and a hair dryer. The instructions are given below step by step:


Step 1: As a first step, dampen hair nicely. Take a large amount of styling gel in the palm of your hands. Rub both the hands together then add gel to the hair. Run your fingers through the hair thoroughly to evenly distribute the gel. Repeat until hair is nicely coated with the gel.

Step 2: The next step is to bend forward, turning the head head down. This allows the hair to fall forward. The hair now needs to be brushed towards the crown of the head to create a puffy effect.   Simultaneously, hair has to be blow dries in the same direction as you are brushing. One this is done, continue to blow dry the rest of your hair simultaneously brushing them.

Step 3: For long hair, gather the hair at the top of your head into three or four small ponytails, making a straight row down the middle of your head from the crown toward the neck. Leave a layer of hair out at the hairline and along the sides so that you can smooth that hair over the top of the ponytails to hide them.

Step 4: Now with the help of a comb, tease the base of the mohawk area of your hair so that it gets enough support and body to stand upright

Step 5: Before lifting head in an upright position, some more styling gel needs to be added on both sides of the hair, and bringing the hair together in a mohawk shape. The spray then needs to be sprayed liberally on the hair.

Step 6: Continue to bend forward until your hair dries and is stiff enough to maintain the mohawk shape. Place bobby pins along the sides of your head at the base of the mohawk. If necessary, lay on your side with a towel or piece of cardboard under your hair. Spray your hair with more hair spray and lay still until it dries.

Step 7: At this stage, if desired color spray can be used on the hair and patterns can be created using color.

However, the style is best suited for medium length hair, it may not work too well for short and long hair.


            Besides the mohwak, there are many other hairstyles that can be done. Using hay, one can create a bird’s nest over the head by tightly securing the hair with bobby pins in the shape of a bun. The hair can be cut to the smallest length possible and hair can be shaved of from places in a zig zag pattern. This can then be topped up with a hens hair hat in red color. The style would look really macho and outrageous. Whatever, the style macho or funny one cannot go wrong with hair at a Halloween party.

Hairstyles inspired by board games, a fan decorated on top of a bun etc. Tattoo’s which are an in thing can make for a very wacky hairstyle. Someone bald, with hair completely shaved can have a temporary tattoo made at the back of the head with hair extensions attached. Punk and ghost are also very popular hairstyles at Halloweens.

Indeed, Halloweens are all about party and fun and so the same should reflect in the way one dresses up. It’s all celebration and happiness in the air, and for children a great way to learn about caring and sharing.

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