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The Rarest Gems Of the World


Do the words Jadeite,Serendibite, Grandidierite, Painite and Musgravite strike a chord in you? Well these are some of the most exquisite and rare gems that Nature in all its splendor has in her treasure chest. We have heard of diamonds, rubies and sapphires that have created history, but these gems are more beautiful and so rare that only gemologists can identify. The more beautiful a gem is, the more expensive and rare it gets. So from ages, it has always been a treasure that has been hunted and possessed to parade opulence.


Topping the list in beauty is the Jadeite, a brilliant green bauble priced at 3 million+ USD/carat found rarely in Gautemala and parts of California.


[box_dark]2. Red Diamond[/box_dark]

Next is the fiery Red Diamond costing a cool 2.5 million USD/carat. Found in Australia this gem exudes hues of red, crimson and scarlet.


[box_dark]3. Serendibite[/box_dark]

There is another interesting gem found in Sri Lanka called Serendibite. So far the maximum in weight discovered has been 0.36, 0.55 and 0.56 carats costing 1.8 million USD/carat. It emits a rare hue of different shades of black and cyan.


[box_dark]4. Blue Garnets[/box_dark]

Blue garnets are very rare and discovered in Madagascar. Every carat is valued at 1.5 million USD.


[box_dark]5. Painite[/box_dark]

Even now the rarest gem is painite discovered by a British mineralogist Arthur Pain and named after him. So far only 3 pieces of this ultra-rare gem have been found. And they cost 60,000 USD/carat.


[box_dark]6. Musgravite[/box_dark]

A very recent discovery is the gem, Musgravite from Australia. Of all the priceless gems, this one is the least expensive, valued at 35,000 USD/carat. An exquisite gem of a deep pink/purple shade was found in the Wah Wah mountains of Utah, formed in the crevices of solidified magma from the. It is only 10,000 USD/carat.


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