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The Most Amazing Magic Tricks that Seem Real


Magic is an act or art performed to create a desired result using various methods like spells or some kind of technique, etc. Since the late 14th century we can find people practicing this art. Now it has reached such a level that the top magicians of this world are so capable that whatever illusion they create, the audience finds its real. Few examples of such great illusions are as follows:


David Copperfield’s sawing himself into two halves:

In this act he tied himself to a table under a giant blade, which will come down upon him under the control of a timing mechanism. After being tied up with various hand locks he was then enclosed in a box. The blade was then set going which cut the box with David’s Body into two halves from the middle. Then both the halves are rolled apart to show the audience that both the halves are totally separated into two sections. David then turned the whole process into reverse gear – His body halves got back together, the blade rose above and the box got closed. Finally David came out unharmed from the box.


Blaine remained frozen for more 60 hours:

Blaine performed this act on November 27, 2000 which he named “Frozen in Time”. Blaine, who was lightly dressed, stood enclosed in an enormous transparent block of ice in Times Square, New York so that everyone can see him from outside. Air and water was supplied through a tube to him and his urine was removed through another. He remained there for 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds before he was removed with chain saws. Then after he was wrapped into blankets and rushed to the hospital immediately.


The Statue of Liberty vanished by Copperfield:

In 1983, Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear live on television. In this act, he raised a giant curtain on the statue. After a few seconds he dropped the curtain to reveal that the space where the statue is now empty. A helicopter hovering over the statue gave an aerial view of this illusion, which also showed that the statue has vanished and only the circle of lights surrounding the statue were left behind. Copperfield also passed between two searchlights to show that the Statue has actually got vanished.


These are acts are mere act of illusion where the magician tries to control the eyes and mind of his or her audience and thus make the amazing magic tricks seems real through their expertise in this art.

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