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Steampunk Intricacy Bracelet – Brazen boldness

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Looks like your love for speculative fiction and fashion has come together in this very offbeat bracelet. Steampunk refers to the love of a fictional land of the 80s where steam power is cool and is mostly set up in the Victorian era in England, believe me if you share this love, you will not be dissapointed with this one right here. The steampunk genre of jewelry welcomes this multi-layered brass look for people with multi-layered interests like you! Four different vintage brass filigree are topped on one oxidized oval filigree stamping and the natural process of corrosion gives this unique bracelet an even more unique tint of dark bluish-green against a brass backdrop. The lobster claw clasp and the heavy link brass chain gives this bracelet a very brazen look and will fit any wrist up to seven and a half inches. Get this one today and blow some steam off in fashion with this rare steampunk jewelry.

Via: Etsy

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