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Some incredible facts about evolution

Some incredible facts about evolution

By studying in detail and developing a critical approach to the theories of creationism, evolution and the successive evidences in favor of these theories you will be overwhelmed by the recent findings. Though many teachers and university students resort to believe that there might be some defects in the theory of evolution that is extremely popular over the last 160 years and thus, the evidence the presents contradictions against the great theory of evolution of Charles Darwin is indeed an astounding success. Unfortunately, majority of the people all across the globe are unaware of these recent developments pertaining to the theories of evolution and creationism. This reason is that very few people are actually interested to get inside the subject rather than just following the surface of the textbooks and natural settings. However, there have been interesting facts and recent discoveries about the fossils and rocks that redefine the theories of creationism and evolution. Some of them are presented below:

Amazing facts about fossils

Amazing facts about fossils

  • The fossil records, actually does not provide the missing fossil, that you have been learning in schools.


  • The fossils support and enhance the concept of creationism more than evolution theories.


  • The developing chart of human evolution demonstrated that the human beings that evolved from the apes are basically the ape-men, who were practically frauds .Till date, the fossils that have been unearthed are either human beings or the apes, actually there have never been any fossil of a real ape man being confirmed.

Recent explorations pertaining to the origin and age of Earth

The evolution theories earlier, have also insisted that the earth is unimaginably old, and majority of people suggest that it is around 4.5 billion years old. However, how far this concept has been confirmed by science is shocking.

  • You must have learnt in the schools, that there is a procedure to measure the age of the Earth by the rock testing. However, the technique can only be applied to the ingenious rocks, whereas majority of the rocks present on the earth’s surface are sedimentary. Thus, until date no proper method has been figured out to measure the actual age of these rocks on the earth’s surface or the existing fossils found under these rocks.
  • In many cases, the results of the tests of the ingenious rocks have been assessed to be billions of years old. However, the historical records clearly admit that these rocks were only two hundred years old and in many cases lesser than that.


  • It has also been told that that the magnetic poles on the earth’s surface had reverse poles in the past. The pole reversal practically has no connection with the magnetic strength of an object. If a magnet is turned around, it strength is not weakened at all, though there are reversal of poles. Moreover, the evolutionists suggested that this pole reversal might have taken hundreds or thousands of years of time. This is just a mere guesswork, as it bears no connection with the strength of the magnetic field.


  • It is an undeniable fact that, till date, nobody has ever successfully demonstrated the accidental beginning of the Earth, or even tried to illustrate how life could have began on Earth, rather the evidences suggest that the ideal conditions required to form the basic building blocks of life, the amino acids would itself destroy life.  No explanation has been found to this mounting problem. The famous evolutionist speaker Richard Dawkins too admitted this fact that no scientist actually submitted the model of how life began on Earth surface.


  • It has been mathematically validated, that it is not possible for even the simplest forms of life to come together accidentally and arranged perfectly. It is very complex for the human minds to imagine exactly what happened in the billions of years. Thus, many people tend to think that anything could have happened in this prehistoric time. However, the mathematicians have clearly speculated that even billions and billions years of time are not enough for the simple forms of life to come together accidentally and being arranged properly.

These are some major problems that the evolutionists of the modern day are facing. The new age scientific explorations prove one fact clearly, that the reality might differ from what apparently seems to be convincing, just as the age of the Earth is not as old as we have been told, no matter what evolutionary theory we might follow. There are enormous flaws in this arena, and even though some of the earlier facts have been discarded and new formulations have been made, after rediscovery, many people are still not aware of these recent data.  Thus, always keep in mind that creationism and evolution is not about following the textbooks blindly, you must dig the surface of the earth deep enough to unveil the incredible facts.

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