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Myths about travel on Cruises


Cruises are famous and sensational choice among travelers seeking fun filled vacation. The unique experience, luxury, incredible scenery, entertainment, cocktail selection and many more lured the travelers to plan a cruise vacation. But as the research says, many travelers not opt for holidays on cruise because of some unusual myths. To name a few:

Cruises are made for Caribbean Trips only

The first and the biggest myth is if you done with Caribbean circuit then nothing much left for cruise trip. Completely wrong, Cruises are very much available for around the world. One can experience waterways, range of cultural regions, climates, exotic ancient places, adventure, ice formation, sea-life, cold weather and sea diving. It depends on what you have opted for your destination.


Cruises are costly

Millions of people guess that trip on cruise must be out of the world. But the truth is plenty of packages are available that don’t cost you much. Like, cruising from South Florida to Bahamas is quite affordable around $300 for 4 night trip. One can book for one day cruise trip to volcanic lakes; several national parks of US have accessibility by an affordable boat cruise. So taking your spouse for a cruise trip is in your pocket.

Crowded and stuffy

People have wrong notion, that cruises are meant for formal affairs and stuffy with senior citizens. But the true fact is there are varieties of suites available as per the choice of tourist including vegan cruises, family adventure circuits, whale watching trips, inner passage to Alaska.

Ship Voyage is more boring

Cruises take care of all the facilities of entertainment, starts from spa treatment, lectures, casinos, pools, art auctions to the outdoor games. Tourist can get involve in other fun activities like skiing, rock-climbing walls and concerts. Also some ships integrate shore excursion that allow tourists to enjoy nature, food and archaeology of the several destination that your cruise will be passing through.


Danger on Cruise Ship

It’s said that Ship voyages are dangerous. And it’s equally true as there are several incidents took place last year. Risk is there and things can go adverse in any of city or country. However, chances are rare not always. It you follow security standards then you are at secure side on the cruise.


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