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Most incredible superstitions around the world

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Are you one of those that avoids black cats and empty buckets in the morning ? Or are you just a rational person who has no interest in old wives’ tales? No matter which category you belong to, these superstitions from around the world will just leave you shocked and might just keep you thinking whether they really exist.

Most incredible superstitions around the world


  • Turkey , do not chew gum at night – Whether you are going for a hot date and want some freshening breath, give the chewing gum a pass, if it is night time. In Turkey, it is believed that if you chew on gum at night, you are chewing the flesh of the dead. Very scary and definitely gives us the creeps.


  • Look out for a goat when going somewhere important – The goat has been a symbol and associated with the Devil for many thousands of years now. However, it is also believed to be able to absorb evil as well. It is believed that when you are going somewhere important and want the luck to favor you, seeing a goat will clear your obstacles and you will achieve success.


  • Spain, Eat grapes at New Year’s – Not everyone goes by what we think is tradition and kisses when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s. In Spain, people keep twelve grapes ready by their side on New Year’s Eve and as soon as the clock strikes midnight, they eat all of them to symbolize the twelve months of a year. It is believed to bring in good luck and prosperity in the coming year.


  • Russia, A Bird pooping on you is good luck – We always fly off the handle when an aviator creature poops at us from high above the skies, most likely ruining our clothes and mood for the day. However, in Russia it is believed that if a bird poops on you, your car or house, it is good luck and ushers in prosperity.


  • Ancient Britain, an acorn to stay young forever – Long before anti-ageing creams made its way into the minds of consumers, the womenfolk of Ancient Britain were carrying around acorns in their pockets. The reason behind it? To stay young forever. The oak tree has long been a symbol of longevity and was once believed to be able to ward off illnesses and have a long life.
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