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Swan song on a bicycle pump ‘flute’

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While you and I are still struggling with getting our guitars and drums and keyboards to make the right noises, pun intended, there are really gifted dudes out there, who can make music with all kinds of crap! Like these dudes here for whom it appears playing a regular flute was too damn easy. So, Trevor Wye and Clifford Benson went ahead and created a symphony blowing into a bicycle pump! And that too the Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns. Showoffs!
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Source: Yikers


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symphonichouse2 dd8pk 1333

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viennese vegetable orchestra first vienna vegetabl

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bill milbrodt with air guitar l59Qx 1333

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furbygurdy1 qKVFP 1333

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bbo main 3bZEB 1333

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