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List of weird aquarium designs across the world


Aquariums have become one of the best places to hang out with your family and friends during a weekend. In an aquarium, you would be able to see some of the unseen and rare species of fishes from all across the world. With time, aquariums are taken into use in offices and even at homes. Some people ought to have an aquarium at their homes as they think that it is a good omen to do so. Along with this, aquariums give serenity to eyes and mind when you are stressed out of your work. Across world, aquariums can be seen in different shapes and designs, which would surely attract your attention to the fullest.

With time, some weird aquarium designs can be seen across the world along with which it is loved by people who sees them. Starting from rectangle shapes to shapes in design of shoes, everything, which you can imagine along with which you cannot imagine, can be seen as aquarium designs. These aquariums not just have the unique designs, but offers the world to view some of the extinct species of fishes along with various other aquatic creatures.

List of the weirdest aquariums across the world

Knowing about the unusual aquariums across the world would be beneficial as you would be able to visit them whenever you get a chance. Below mentioned is the list of aquariums, which are available across the world.

Glass Art- Belgium: If you were fond of glass art, then you would be mesmerized by seeing the designs of aquariums, which are available in Belgium. These are weird, but you would surely love the designs. Vanessa Mitrani is the designer of these glass art aquariums. The weird things, which you would notice, are that glass bubbles are popping out from the aquariums through which you can see the fishes with ease.

Television aquarium- Canada: This is once again a weird but amazing form of creativity, which can be seen in Canada. These are the television aquariums, which can be seen in maximum number of offices and homes. The old television sets are converted into fish tanks in Canada. Different designs and patterns are even available which can be taken into use as per requirement. Fish lovers in Canada order these television aquariums by giving away their old television sets.

Phone Booth Aquarium- England- The unique and weirdest aquariums, which can be seen the streets of England are the phone booth aquarium. Red phone booths are common to be seen in the streets of England, these are converted into fish aquariums. You can even make calls from these booths along with having the feeling of serenity.


Shoe design aquarium- Italy: Italy is known for its designs and artwork. One of the weirdest fish tanks, which can be seen in Italy, is the shoe style aquariums. One must not mistake them for the actual shoes, but these aquariums are designed for placing at homes and offices. The aquariums are placed in the area of heels in the shoes, which makes it unique and weird.

Toilet aquarium- Japan: In the list of weird aquariums, comes the name of toilet fish tanks, which you can only see in Japan. These fish tanks are renowned all across the world and can be seen in washrooms in Japan. However, you need not worry, as the fishes will not flush out.

Bathroom Sink Aquarium- Netherlands: Sounding weird, but it is actually true that in Netherlands you would be able to see sink aquariums, which can be fitted in your bathrooms.

Automobile Aquarium- Norway: In Norway, the aquariums are the weirdest of all as they are designed in automobiles. The automobiles, which are not in working conditions, are put towards designing aquariums, which are later put into different parts of the city in Norway.

Lamp Aquariums- Poland: These aquariums are considered as weird but are the coolest of all. The lamp aquariums in Poland are best suited for designing the offices and homes with ease. They are weird in shape and design, but are used for decorating the ambiance.

Bulb Aquariums- Russia: These are weird but are designer aquariums, which can be seen in Russia. This weird but unique concept of putting fishes in light bulbs was initiated by an engineering student in Russia. These aquariums are best suited for putting in small fishes.

Cell Phone Aquarium- South Korea: Sounding weird but it is true that you would be able to see cell phone aquariums in South Korea.

Head Sculpture aquarium- Spain: One of the weirdest but unique aquariums can be seen in Spain where the aquarium is designed in shape of a head.

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