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iSkin DuoBand For iPod-Lovers

iskin duoband for ipod loversThere is no dearth of fashionable accessories for iPod-lovers, and DuoBand iPod from iSkin is the new buzz in the category. DuoBand iPod is specifically made to be worn while your work-out. The band protects the iPod from all the sweat with its double layer of polycarbonate and silicone. The armband is available in either black or pink, and features a reflective strip to offer protection to users who prefer to exercise outdoors during the evening. The armband’s polycarbonate layer allows the user full access to both the device’s digital screen and click wheel, so scrolling through your music-collection won’t be a problem at all. The iSkin DuoBand sells for $30.

via GadgetCandy

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