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Incredible Theories about World’s End That Failed


There have been different predictions and theories about the end of this planet. Almost every generation has gone through this panic. Many people have even committed suicide so that they do not have to see this world getting destroyed and many people have kept themselves revitalized so that they can see the end of this world.

  • World To End On 21/05/2011

Harold Camping predicted that the world will end in 1994. Now he has come up with a new D-Day Date. Surprising, people believed his words. In 1994, he used numerology and forecasted that Christ would arrive between September 15 and 17. However when nothing happened he said that there was some calculation mistake. Now after recalculating he is claiming that it’s 21/05/2011.


  • God Told Pat Robertson – World To End In 1982

In 1980 during a television program he claimed that the world will end in 1982. As per his belief in 1980 the Anti-Christ will be about 27 years and in 1982 Armageddon will start followed by 7 “nightmare years” of extreme torment. In his book he said that Satan, zombies, 4 horsemen, and dragon will arrive on Earth. However we will survive all these terrible things.


  • Ice Age To Start From 5/5/2000

In his book ‘Ice: Ultimate Disaster’, Richard Noone predicted that earth’s position with moon and sun would cause instability in Earth’s axis, which will send the ice from the poles towards the equator. Thus the ice age will start. As evidence he interviewed Egyptologists, archaeologists and geologists regarding the very quick climate change in the past. Though he gained knowledge about the past but like all other predictions his prediction was also found a mere rumor.


  • Large Hadron Collider To Swallow Earth

On 10/09.2008 the Large Hadron Collider was set to be turned to recreate the Big Bang.  The experiment made some scientists so worried they filed a lawsuit as they believed that it will create a black hole that would swallow the Earth. However, the Collider was turned on successfully.


  • Y2K Bug

When it was time to welcome the new millennium, people got panicked with theories that computers would shut down completely when they will use 00 for the year 2000. People started stocking canned food, water, even bought gas-powered generators in case of massive power breakdowns as they believed that without computers the world will stop. However, when the new millennium started people found that all these were just rumors.


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