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Incredible Highways In USA


Incredible Highways In USA-Check Out Why?

The United States highways have got worldwide popularity for their excellent co-ordination. Besides, as they are coordinated well among their states these highways are also called as Federal Highways. However, these federal highways are maintained either by their local government or state government. All the highways of USA will be under the control of AASHTO. The highways from North to South are odd in number. Whereas more number of highways are from west and a very less number of highways are from east. The highways from west to east are even in number. In general most of the routes numbering from North to South ends with the number 1. The east to west routes numbering ends with the digit 0.


Why USA highways are great?

It might be quite amazing to hear, but all the spur routes here are numbered with 3 digits. Spur routes usually comes from the parent highway and it is not necessary that the spur route should be connected to the parent highway at last. In recent days the USA highways are replaced by the interstate highways. But still most of the travelers follow the standardized routes of USA highways, and new routes are being added to the highways from time to time. US highways are now being considered as the alternate routes of the Interstate highway system. These highways are highly preferred by the travelers as the interstate highways are completely prone to accidents and heavy traffic.

Specialty of US highways:

You can find the US highways very easily, and some of the popular highways of USA are US 80, Sierra highway. The US 80 is located to the east of Diego, where as the Sierra highway is located to the North of LS (Los Angeles). US 99 is another famous highway in USA. It is very exciting to hear that, all the US highways are still being used by the travelers. No changes were made to the olden US highways. The only which is eliminated is US 6 due to some border issues. You may think why US highways are so famous; they are famous for their greenery, and lovely locations in their surroundings. You will just love their surrounding locations while travelling. These highways from US 1to US 180, each and every highway will be so calm with lots of peace. Another important point to mention here about the US highways is, the traffic is quite low when compared to the interstate highway system. Moreover, travelling like robots does not give us a kick and enjoyment while travelling.


You’ll definitely enjoy while travelling on US highways. You can also find a number of stalls while travelling on US highways. So, why don’t you take your beloved one’s and have a coffee there! This will definitely remain as one of your memorable moments.


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