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The most gruesome mass slaughter incidents in history

More than once, history has been drenched in the blood of innocents spilled over by violence-driven agendas. These horrid incidents span throughout history, evidencing the monstrosity that humans are capable of. Here are some of the most horrendous incidents of mass slaughter around the globe.

The Nanjing massacre

CHINA - DECEMBER 01:  War Between China And Japan : Occupation And Invasion Of Nankin In December 1937.  (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Image Source : Timeglobalspin

Also known as the Rape of Nanking, the Imperial Japanese Army devastated what was once China’s most prosperous city, Nanking or Nanjing. Towards the end of 1937, the troops entered the city and committed atrocities through their way. 20,000-80,000 women were sexually assaulted, Chinese soldiers were hunted down and killed to form mass graves spreading throughout the cities, and civilians were ruthlessly murdered in killing contests and pillaging.

Babi Yar massacre


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In September 1941, German forces and locals campaigning against the Soviet Union killed about 33,771 Jews at Babi Yar. This notorious massacre was the largest mass killing documented by the Nazis during their campaign against the Soviet Union. Around 1, 00,000 to 1, 50,000 people were killed in this incident including communist, Soviet prisoners of war, and Romani people.

The Rainiai massacre


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Around 70-80 Lithuanian political prisoners were ruthlessly murdered during the night of June 24-25, 1941 in a forest near Lithuania by NKVD and the Red Army. While it is far from the largest massacres, it was one of the most brutal in terms of the agony that the victims were subjected to. The victims were brutally mutilated to the extent that only 27 bodies were identified. Three days later they were exhumed.

Batak massacre


Image Source : TheOrthodoxChurch.Info

During the uprising in Batak in 1876, around 1,200 to 1,700 Bulgarians were mutilated by the Ottoman troops. While some leaders of the Revolutionary Committee were surrendering, a few managed to escape the village, but soon the territories were surrounded and the Bashi-Bozoukopened fire at everyone. Those that had hidden and escaped the firing surrendered to the promise of being spared but were ruthlessly killed.

Hamidian massacres


Image Source : Edge.Liveleak.Com

The violence that broke in the mid-1890s is the biggest documented incident of humanity massacredby agenda. With a death range of 80,000 to 300,000 Armenians and Assyrians from the Ottoman Empire, these massacres left 50,000 children orphaned.

Adana massacre


Image Source : Arfarshavirshiragian.Com

The mass slaughter of 20,000 to 30,000 Armenian Christians by Turkish Muslims occurred in the city of Adana of the Ottoman Empire in 1909. It was reported that around 1,300 Assyrians were also killed in these slaughters.

1941 Odessa massacre


Image Source : Cdn.Unbelievable-Facts.Com

Spanning through the autumn of 1941, 25,000 to 34,000 Jews and 15,000 Romani people were mercilessly shot or burned by the Romanian troops.

Massacre of the Latins


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The Eastern Orthodox population of the city of Constantinople massacreda large bulk of the Latin inhabitants in the city. It is estimated that around 60,000 Roman Catholics (called ‘Latin’) were killed in this mass slaughter of April 1182.

Many incidents of annihilation have been documented throughout history. Some wiped off complete races, leaving thousands of children orphaned and homeless in an attempt to flee.

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