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Glitzy Guitar: Cushion + Guitar = rock ‘n’ roll

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Wondering what cool blogs are all about? Check this ‘Glitzy Guitar’ and you’ll soon slake your quest. The first impression is that this guitar is a guitar (in the real sense), but, looks are deceptive ‘you see’. Guess what’s it? If I tell you it’s a cushion or a pillow, would you believe it? Yes, a cushion in shape of a guitar! This guitar combines comfort with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. The stuff is made from gold colored polyester and when you press the head of the guitar an awesome guitar solo sound clip begins to play for you to mime along too ( 3x AA batteries required for power). The right time though is the night time when these 7 elasticated strings adds to the excitement level, when you pluck the strings the cushion begins to light up to make you believe you really taking the center stage, and mind you, these strings won’t break that easy. Test it yourself!

Via: Bemlegaus

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