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Five bizarre ways of reusing your ex-wife’s bridal gown


You have to be sensible and understanding, if you want your marriage to work. Taking care of your spouse’s every whim is not easy. Even after striving for a long time to please your wife, if she leaves you then you do not have any other option than to repent on your decision. Nowadays, divorces have become more expensive than marriages. Your wife will not walk out alone but also take half of your hard-earned money and property with her. Broke and lost you have nothing much to do but regret and feel miserable. The time you spent with your wife now means nothing and the vows you took have no value anymore. It gets even worse, if she leave you for someone else. We cannot control the actions of others but we can plan our own. One thing that most ex-wives are sure to leave behind is the wedding dress. It belongs to you and you can do anything you please with it. You will find some brilliant and creative ways of exploiting the wedding dress of your ex-wife in this article. No bereaved ex-husband should fail to let his previous wife know what he did to her ex-wedding gown.


Wear it on a costume party:

A crazy costume party or the Halloween night party, whatever is the event; you can make a great costume using your ex-wife’s wedding dress. Paint your face white and wear a wig with a cowboy hat. A little too much dab of lipstick and you look like the witch wife from whom every dude should stay miles away.


Make a scarecrow:

You can use the wedding gown of your ex-wife to make a scary scarecrow. Use a terrifying mask and wig with it and fix some eerie red and blue light bulbs behind the mask for special effects at night. Not just crows, every stranger will stay away from your porch.


Sports banner:

If you are crazy about sports then the best way to use your ex-wife’s wedding dress is to make a sports banner with it. Use the colors your favorite sports team wears and cut the wedding dress to give it a proper shape.


Use it as cooking utensil:     

You can use the wedding veil for straining pasta and noodles in the kitchen.

Dental floss.grid-6x2

Floss with it:

Dental hygiene is important for a single man. Use her super fine wedding gown material for flossing your teeth.


Letting your ex-wife’s wedding gown sit in the cupboard would be a mistake. Think of funny ways of using it to get back at her instead.

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