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Everything important you should know about John Adams


John Adams was the first vice president of the country before eventually becoming the second president of United States of America. He was educated in HarvardCollege and was lawyer by profession when he started his career. Adams was a notable public figure during the American Revolution in 1760s and challenged many authoritarian decisions taken by England such as the Stamp Act and Townshend Act.


As a delegate representing Massachusetts, John Adams also attended the first continental congress that was held in Philadelphia and was part of several European diplomatic missions before becoming the president of United States. Let us now look at some of the incredible things about John Adams that are still remembered. Here are some of the noteworthy things that John Adams was involved in:

Declaration of Independence

Adams was member of committee responsible for drafting the declaration and helped Thomas Jefferson for doing so. He also had a major role to play in convincing Congress proclaim independence.

The Boston Massacre

In 1770, John Adams became an even greater public figure with his decision to defend the British soldiers who were charged with murder of US citizens. In the final verdict, six soldiers were acquitted while two were convicted in manslaughter charges. By representing the soldiers in the case, he became more popular as a principled man who fought for justice.

Avoiding the War

One of the most notable things that John Adams was able to accomplish was avoiding a possible war with France. At the time, he was president, Britain and France were having a war and both countries wanted US to support them. John Adams took the decision of keeping the nation from getting involved in the war.


Alien & Sedition Act

In 1798, Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Act, which was made for protecting interest of the people. According to this law, government had powers using which it can deport people from enemy countries as well as arrest any person who stoutly disagreed with government’s policies.

Thoughts on Government

His report known as the “Thoughts on Government” was a major influencer in creation of many state constitutions. In his report, he talked about republicanism and emphasized power separation within three branches of any government, which are the legislative, executive and judicial.


John Adams was a leading statesman who was known for his pungent way of expressing his thoughts. Adams is admired for being an excellent political thinker and for his pragmatic viewpoint on country’s foreign policy.

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