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Beat the Facebook Addiction


YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Myspace and there are endless sites that we are addicted for. Government believes, wasting time on such sites costs a country in billions every year. Even our productivity is less because of spending time on such fun sites. This addictive behavior can be beaten by simple ways:

[box_dark]Discover the addiction[/box_dark]

First, you need to discover and admit that you are addicted to Facebook.

1.            You check facebook during busy schedules or go late for an appointment or meeting because you were exploring facebook.

2.            When offline, your mind thinks about the game you were playing and your activity wall.

3.            Your family members, colleagues or friends start noticing and making comments on your excessive usage of internet. That means you are addictive to your favorite site.

4.            Using smart phones or your Blackberry to check the facebook is a straight indication of your addition.

5.              Did you ever notice that your virtual life is getting over on your real life? Other activities have started taken up toll on you. Then it’s the time to learn to beat your addiction.

Simple Steps to win your addiction

Now, that you have learned that you are in problem, now you need some recovery points. Some simple tools and strategies are here to beat the syndrome:


[box_dark]Admission of the problem[/box_dark]

Seriously admit your addiction is very important. Speak it louder and realize you are down with facebook syndrome. Self realization is much required.

[box_dark]Minute Manager[/box_dark]

Start recording time you spend on each site of your interest. Only open such sites with a mark of time and while closing again note the time. At the end of the day, jolt down the figure and record it in your dairy. Make this routine, this way you will come to know how time actually you wasted on your favorite sites.

Try to reduce spending time on such sites.

[box_dark]Set time to visit such sites[/box_dark]

Instead of bans on these site, better to set particular visiting time. Spending much time is bad habit not visiting. Set a time period for this fun and follow it religiously.


[box_dark]Turn off notifications[/box_dark]

One better way to avoid is simply turn off update notifications. Because you are suppose to be notified on every updates your mates do.

[box_dark]Divert mind as thought arises[/box_dark]

Be carefree and try to divert your mind as soon as internet browsing thought arises. Direct your mind in some other interesting thing or activity. Serious attempts will make you win.

[box_dark]Other recovery tools are:[/box_dark]

Simply stop spending too much time on computers, instead pick new hobbies like: reading, painting, writing or better go for a walk.

If you are really struggling to control your carve and not able to help better to block such sites on your system.




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