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A Billboard that speaks loudly about recycling and reusing e-waste

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Most of us change our gadgets like computers and laptops faster than we do clothes. But what harm high heels do to our back, is akin to what Electronic waste does to our environment. Make no mistake, latest gadgets do make a great show-off tool, but when it comes to the ecology, gadget fever gets a complete thumbs down. However with environment-friendliness becoming increasingly important, the focus on e-waste is getting more intense. Trying to get everybody’s attention to this global issue, folks at Arnold Advertising have come up with the most brilliant paradigm of the three Rs. Well at least two of them namely Reuse and Recycle. Hired by Manugistics, they have designed and constructed a bill board using real computer components only. This is a 3-dimensional billboard, which consists of eleven 3-dimensional, eight-foot high letters.

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They took about six weeks to complete the project and then shipped it to San Jose, CA, where it was placed above Highway 101 in the Silicon Valley. Great job guys…..and couldn’t have found a better location! Technology is everywhere these days and so this is the most ingenious way to make sure that your electronics help you without hurting the environment.
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