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5 most incredible flying machines


The sky is not the limit anymore!

Flying machines are one of the most incredible inventions made by humans and it is through them that human beings have been able to touch the sky and have made their way to the stars. This world has witnessed not one but many amazing flying machines over the time and these flying machines have only made the job of exploring easier and more exciting. It is now time to list down 5 of the most astonishing flying machines that made the dream to reach the skies a reality for the humans.


Most amazing flying machines ever

  • The first ever airplane, Wright Flyer: a toy helicopter, kites and gliders played an inspiring role in designing a boxy Wright Flyer that turned out to be the first ever powered, working and assured flying machine. The Wright Brothers accomplished their first flight which lasted for 12 seconds on December 17 in the year 1903 at Kitty Hawk. That was truly a historic moment and a start of something phenomenal.

  • The first ever fighter jet, ‘ME 262 Schwalbe’: this was the world’s foremost fighter jet and it extorted a much impressive and better kill ratio when compared to fighters and allied bombers. This first fighter jet became an influencing model for the future military jet manufactured by the US.

  • SR-71 Blackbird: the demand and need for supersonic spy airplane by the US military led to the manufacturing of SR-71 Blackbird. This supersonic flying machine had amazing features as it was faster than the missiles or the fighter jet interceptors. This supersonic flying machine could fly at such a high altitude that sometimes the people flying in it had to put on the astronaut suits.

  • Space shuttle: this was the world’s foremost reusable spacecraft and it set up like a rocket and came back like sailplane. This space shuttle took astronauts, satellites and science tools and equipments into the orbit of the Earth. Five of these flying machines were utilized as the machines for building International space station and also for setting up and fixing the space telescope.

  • V-22 osprey, arguable dream machine: this incredible flying machine has fulfilled a longstanding wish of an aircraft that can linger like helicopter plus fly like airplane. Although this dream took shape of reality after long years of continuous efforts and troubles.

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