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10 unusual wedding traditions across the world


Across the world there are number of strange ways to celebrate the wedding ceremony. 10 bizarre of wedding tradition throughout the globe:

Blackening for the Groom and Bride(Scottish)

In Scotland, the blackening of a bride is a tradition, which has covered up now the groom as well. This blackening tradition takes place before the marriage. Once blackened, the to-be-newlywed has to parade through the streets or a tree. As friends, declare the wedding. This custom is believed to prepare the couple for any humiliation that future supposes to bring in, as nothing can be more humiliating than being blackened.

Breaking Plates(German)

Breaking plates is a German tradition, and takes place before the wedding day usually on rehearsal dinner. This custom is to believed that the more dishes the couple break the more luck the bride will get. To double the joy, bride is luckiest if she receives new china set as a gift. After the fight, bride and groom have to clean up the mass to ensure that things will never get broken in future again.

Keep the feet on the floor(Irish)

Irish are bound to the tales of the fairies steal the brides. That’s the reason, this tradition takes place. According to the custom, the bride has to keep her feet on the floor while dancing with the groom to ensure that the fairies won’t steal her beauty.

Passing the rolling pin(Polish)

In polish culture, people stand in a circle and pass the rolling pin from one to the next. In this custom the catch is, no one is allowed to use their hands, all has to catch and pass the pin through their legs. This tradition means just to secure video for next generations to rejoice.


Friends and family members gather out-doors of the bride and groom’s home and bang on pans, pots and other instrument to create ear-shattering, discordant noise just to mention their ‘thanks’ to be invited on wedding party. It’s believed that in old days, people organized charivari to disapprove the inappropriate wedding. But presently, it is organized just to annoy the couple.


Balaka(South Korea)

In South Korea, tradition is to beat the groom’s feet with a fish that too on the wedding night. Friends beat the bare feet of groom and later they tie the groom to stop him running. No sound evidence is behind this tradition just for fun.

Ransom for the bride(Russian)

Pay ransom for your bride, seems strange but it’s a custom in Russia. The family members of bride block the way of groom towards bride home with set of questions, ridiculous feats and riddles. If the groom performs correctly then groom is allowed one step towards his bride. Otherwise, groom has to pay ransom money to reach to his wife-to-be.

For three days – No bathroom breaks(Tidong Tribe)

As per Northern Borneo’s tradition, new couple is not allowed to use washroom for half of the week. Not even a single visit to bathroom for continuous three days. Probably not to relive themselves for the period of three days.

Marry with a Tree(India)

In Indian tradition, bride who is born when Mars and Saturn are both place under the 7th house as per astrology has to marry first with a tree then the real person. The custom takes place to remove the ill facts of astrological factors. It’s believed, Manglicks are cursed with a short married life that ends with the death of their husband. Marring a tree and cut that tree down, supposedly relieve from the curse and secure the real husband.

Inspecting a baby chick’s liver(China)

China has different set of perception of happy married life. The couple-to-be given a knife to slide open a baby chick to audit its liver. Healthy lever signifies that they can set marriage date and the married life will flourish. If bad liver, that means not a right time to set the wedding date. Hence the couple has to slice open the chicks until they get healthy liver to ensure fulfill married life.

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