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10 Most Incredible Cakes in the World


Cakes and pastries make the most sumptuous of deserts world over. Dessert lovers worldwide just love their cakes. Besides the amazing taste, cakes also are great works of art. For all those cake lovers out there, here is a sneak peek into the 10 most incredible cake designs made. These are not only very interesting designs, they taste yummy as well.


[box_dark]This cake designed in the shape of a bridge is truly unique in both design and imagination.  The concept has been put beautifully in the form of a cake. The clear blue river flowing below and the bridge so very nicely made on top of the river is truly remarkable. True masterpiece and tops our list of the most incredible cake made.[/box_dark]


[box_dark]This one is not an aerial view of a kitchen. Believe it or not, this is a cake depicting an entire kitchen. This one is surely an ideal cake at a house warming party. Such detailing of the wood cabinets, flooring, kitchen utensils and knick-knacks. The best part is the detailed laid out dining table. The flooring also looks real, truly an amazing concept of a cake.[/box_dark]


[box_dark]This cake is another imaginative piece of work. A detailed old time ornate sewing machine and the fabric and base have been created so nicely. The threads, buttons, needles and scissors everything has been created so meticulously. This is a truly awesome and an unimaginable concept of a cake.[/box_dark]



[box_dark]This cake is truly an interesting piece of cake and the bottle and the whisky has been created almost as real. This is one cake perfect for a cocktail or a bachelor party.[/box_dark]



[box_dark]This unique cake based on the theme of a game of cards is also one of our favourite picks and sure deserves to be in the list of the world’s most incredible cakes. The cake is perfect for a card theme party.[/box_dark]

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[box_dark]This cake is truly an out of the box idea. The lucky number roller is truly a head turner cake and gets our vote as one of the most incredible cakes in the world.The detailing and precision in this cake is truly amazing.[/box_dark]



[box_dark]  The almost real beer mugs and fish make this cake truly spectacular and also again this one is a perfect choice for a bachelor’s party. Fits our bill of the world’s most spectacular cake.[/box_dark]


S[box_dark]urely not a beautiful and pleasant cake to look at, but the craftsmanship of this cake is truly spectacular. The concept of the cake is truly out of the box. Indeed an incredible cake.[/box_dark]




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