Medical X-rays that showed curious problems and weird diagnosis

The human body can be a weird place. It’s a good thing doctors can take a look inside the body ...

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The most gruesome mass slaughter incidents in history

More than once, history has been drenched in the blood of innocents spilled over by violence-driven agendas. These horrid incidents ...

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The amazing and mystical world of secrets of animals and birds

There are some strange things that animals can do which will leave human beings awestruck. Here are a few such ...

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IoT toothbrushes

Bizarre IOT: Peculiar ways by which you can get ‘smart’ things you could do without

We are living in an era when even the things that we use need to be smart. If you have ...

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L0041074 WMS 990 Bloodletting

Weird (and dumb) medical treatments that were ‘cutting edge’ in history

Medical treatments are a must for getting rid of health issues. However, these days there are some bizarre treatments which ...

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Edward Leedskalnin

People who died with secrets of important inventions buried in their hearts

Discoveries and inventions are important for mankind. There are some people who probably discovered or invented some incredible things. But ...

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The red headed agama

Creepiest lizard species that will shock you

The mere sight of lizards or reptiles can make some people feel uncomfortable. There are some species of lizards which ...

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2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami

The most tragic and horrific natural disasters in human history

When nature decides to be furious then the results can surely be disastrous. They can cause huge loss of life ...

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UFO’s in American society

Offbeat college courses that will surprize you

Education is vital for career as well as personal growth. There are a number of different courses across different universities ...

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Woman waiting for the birth of baby

Some of the most shocking pregnancy rituals that will give you goosebumps

Pregnancy is probably one of the best parts of a woman’s life. Different communities, castes and creeds have different rituals ...

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gay bomb

Insane and unusual weapon ideas and projects that were actually considered

War means the use weapons which will cause destruction, and perhaps give you the advantage of the element of surprise. ...

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Massive rock cut caves and monuments that could hold entire towns

Did you know that there are actually some ancient caves and monuments are so huge that a large population can ...

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