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Dragunov SVD

Five incredible sniper rifles of all the time

An incredible sniper rifle is one that can damage enemies and their morale. As the purpose of sniper rifle is ...

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Army of melting men

Incredible ice sculptures to feast your eyes and senses

With the appearance of winters, we see many people coming up with different ideas to create ice sculptures. These ice ...

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Swivel Pod Chair Novelty Chairs

  Modern interior design becomes more and more popular these days. Fast pace of life pushes us to use contemporary ...

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The coolest fashion choices for your front door

You stick your keys in the front door only to see it fall off its hinges and collapse into the ...

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Incredible Facts about Opportunities in Content Writing

  You nurture the passion to write but hesitate to take up writing as your profession speculating about the returns ...

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Prepare for winter: get your fashion in check

Prepare for winter: get your fashion in check You’re bathing in the sunlit glare of a summer’s day, your light ...

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Unique guitar shaped things that would sure soothe your musical sensibilities

Guitar is one of the musical instruments that bring melody to your life when you feel its chords. In this ...

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Some Amazing Creations from Terraria

Many of you guys would be aware of the awesome creations that Terraria displays, along with its ultimate gaming experience. ...

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Incredible man-made Islands you’d love to be on

Since prehistoric times, man started to build artificial islands for various reasons and nowadays, with the tremendous progress of science ...

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5 Most Incredible DIY Prom Dresses

If you really want to make heads turn with your prom entry and make a splash with an outfit that ...

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Paper place door stop

When you browse the market then you will find that it is packed with fun and exciting door stops and ...

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Cool jewels ice cube tray

Even the smallest thing these days has undergone change and innovation has made its way through every concept and process. ...

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Bialetti pasta pot

Every one wants innovative and useful utensils in their kitchens and Bialetti pasta pot completely fit the description. Pasta is ...

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Batman money clip

Batman needs no formal introduction as this caped superhero has a lot of fans worldwide. Batman money clip is quite ...

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Aqua floating table

The market today is buzzing with innovative and exciting products and aqua floating table happens to be one of them. ...

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Biometric keyless locks

There is a key to every lock; well not anymore and biometric keyless locks do not operate by this conventional ...

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Arrow magnetic bookends

Bookends are one product that can be commonly seen in homes and offices and as the name suggests they are ...

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Anti theft lunch bags

Are you tired of your lunch getting stolen every other day? Well leave your tensions behind with the help of ...

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Floating cloud couch

Furniture pieces with futuristic look and concept is reaching the market these days and people are accepting such pieces with ...

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Floral paper straws

Everyone in the world uses straws and usually the ones made from plastic which is definitely bad for the planet. ...

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Off Beat


Five incredible hacking incidents

While there are so many security systems available to protect the systems we use, but still it is not fully ...

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Trifid nebula

Strange and epic things that outer space has to offer

Humanity has been looking into outer space from many years. We have never-ending thirst of finding new things in the ...

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3 d printing

Incredible creations and innovations in medicine that flow by 3D printer

Few years ago, people had heard of 3D printing, but now the technology has become so well placed that computer-generated ...

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Exhibits of Broken Relationships 2

Incredible Museum Items You Never Knew Existed

Museums are known for their impeccable exhibits which echo the myriad facets of world history. From iconic structures to well-known ...

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