Jackson Pollack’s 1948 painting

You will never believe that these weird paintings went for millions

We are not judging these paintings from a critical art lover’s view. Even if we tried, we still cann’t understand ...

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These inventions are not as new as we probably thought

As the old saying goes, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. The following are some common things that we come across ...

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Choi Gap-bok

These dreaded fugitives were clever enough to break the prison

We have seen a lot of movies showing maximum security facilities being breached. How desperately we want the convict(s) to ...

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The Monastery of Ostrog, Montenegro

Stunning Buddhist monasteries from around the world

Buddhism has its roots all around the world, Buddhist monasteries are places of worship that offer the followers a peaceful ...

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John Travolta

Hollywood’s most glorious comebacks

A comeback, as the name suggests signifies coming back but with a change. There have been many incredible comebacks in ...

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Myer OptikTrioplanf

Camera lenses that run ahead of imagination

Camera lenses are a crucial requirement of professional photographers, videographers and those who practice photography as a hobby. Some of ...

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ways our brain works

Incredible ways our brain works, without us even realizing

The human brain, this organ of soft nervous tissues does incredible things, acting as the power centre of the body. ...

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Some amazing places that are out of bounds for the average joe

The world has many exclusive places that are not within the reach of publicor one does not know about. Let ...

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Top historical figures and celebrities who were gay

We are living in the era where homosexuality is almost acceptable but there were times when people could not openly ...

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The vegetable orchestra of Vienna

Some of the strangest musical instruments in the world

You must have come across different musical instruments starting from a flute to a piano. However, there are some other ...

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Bolshoi Zayatsky island,

Incredible things that mark the history of human life on our planet

Earth and nature present incredible phenomenon, but billions of years of human presence on this planet has contributed to great ...

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Incredible savants whose unique talents are a treasure

Savants are people born with some prodigious talent which makes them exceptional geniuses. Though they are far and few, there ...

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